Pre-Entry Requirements

The minimum age to start this training is 18​.


The Aim of the Course

The aim of the Commercial Pilot License (Aeroplane) course is to train holders of a pilot licence issued in accordance with Part-FCL Subpart D Section 2 to exercise the privileges described in FCL.305.

Flight Training

The flying training shall comprise a total of at least 15 hours of dual flight instruction and 16 hours of ground briefing. During this training there is no such part to be completed as solo flight(s).

Theoretical Training

MultiFly does not offer separate theoretical knowledge course towards the obtainment of CPL(A). It is subject of enrolment to possess either CPL(A) TKE certificate or ATPL(A) TKE certificate referred in 8.2.4.

During the course there are long briefings, and directed private study. During the training the applicant should be familiar with the following items:

ATO TM 4.2 lectures:1,2,4,12,13,14,15
Q&A from basic instrument flying and nominal instrument approaches
This course consists of 16 hours of briefings with no specific theoretical training.


Training Aircrafts

CPL Training aircrafts are Cessna 150/152 and Mooney MC20 .
The Cessna 150/152 is a two-seat tricycle gear general aviation airplane that was designed for flight training, touring and personal use. Multifly has more than 12 C150/152 at it`s fleet.

Engine - O-200 Continental (Cessna) Lycoming O-360-A1D (Mooney)
Power output: 100 hp (75 kW)(Cessna) 180 hp (Mooney)
Landing Gear: Fixed gear (Cessna) Retractable gear (Mooney)
Propoller: Fixed constant speed propeller (Cessna) , Adjustable Propoller (Mooney)
Wing Profile: High Wing (Cessna) Low Wing (Mooney)


Practical Examination (Check-Ride)

The applicants should fly a check-ride with a Flight Examiner appointed by the Hungarian Civil Aviation Authority. Once the check-ride is successfully passed the applicant is ready to receive the pilot’s license.

Theoretical Knowledge Examination

The applicants will be quized during their training based on their training ground trainings will continue until the applicant gets ready to flight.