Pre-Entry Requirements

- The minimum age to start this training is 17

- Fluency in English both written and verbal with a sufficient proof to understand English

- Valid EASA medical class 2 or higher

For the special price practical part must be started in 2021.

Application deadline: September 30!

Why to Choose Us ?

  • Local maintenance, providing continuous operation

  • 6 continous training day

  • Continuously 10 aircraft availability for the training

  • 100 % FI coverage during the training

  • Cross country to our 2nd base arodrome Pécs-Pogány International

  • Accommodation for training days included in two-beds rooms at Őcsény airfield

  • Őcsény base aerodrome
    o Accommodation at the training site in a beautiful environment that allows for daily continuous training and provides a calm atmosphere to relax and recharge
    o The airport has a glider, hot air balloon, parachute and also ultralight-trike aeroclub, which creates a special atmosphere for aviation lovers
    o Classic “flying club” atmosphere with joint evening programs

  • No hidden costs, all basic costs are included (except your medical examination)


The Aim of the Course

The aim of the PPL course is to train the student pilot to act as a Pilot-in-command (PIC) under Visual Flight Rules.​

Flight Training

The EASA PPL(A) course consists of
- 45 hours of flight instruction, comprising:
- 35 hours dual instruction
- 10 hours supervised solo flight time, including
5 hours of solo cross-country - flight time with at least 1 cross-country flight of at least 270km (150nm),
with full stop landings at 2 aerodromes different from the aerodrome of departure

Theoretical Training

Students are enrolling this course should complete 9 theoretical suvjects covering various fields of aviation:
- Aircraft General Knowledge
- Principles of Flight
- Communication
- Meteorology
- Navigation
- Flight Performance and Planning
- Air Law and ATC Procedures
- Operational Procedures
- Human Performance

The course provides 30 hours ground lecture/consultation and 90 hours computer based home study in our virtual classroom, or at Őcsény base aerodrome. Classroom lectures are on Saturdays (4x1,5 hour sessions).


Course Includes

- 30 hours theory lessons and 90 hours computer based home study
- English language preparation and exam
- 45 training flight hours
- Basic theory exam registration fee at the Hungarian CAA (re-take exams are not included)
- EASA PPL(A) Skill Test (1-1,5 hour)
- Examiner fee
- All Landing fees on Multifly listed aerodromes
- Accommodation at Őcsény airfield

Basic Regulations

- 6 days on 1 day off
- ICAO ELP (english language) certificate before the solo flights
- Theory certificate untill the 30th flight hour
- The special price is guaranteed for practical trainings started in 2021


Training Aircrafts

The Cessna 150/152 is a two-seat tricycle gear general aviation airplane that was designed for flight training, touring and personal use. Multifly has more than 12 C150/152 at it`s fleet.

Engine - O-200 Continental
Type: Four-cylinder air-cooled horizontally opposed piston engine
Valvetrain: Hydraulic lifters, two pushrod-actuated valves—one intake, one exhaust—per cylinder
Fuel system: Updraft carburetor with manual mixture control
Fuel type: 80/87 avgas minimum
Oil system: 6 US quart (5.7 L), wet sump
Cooling system: Air-cooled
Power output: 100 hp (75 kW)


Practical Examination (Check-Ride)

During the training course there are various check-rides should be completed with a supervising instructor in order to start the next consecutive section. For example, prior the first solo exercise when the student completes at least 3 take-offs and landings with the training aircraft alone, a check-ride should be completed. At the end of the training in order to obtain the Private Pilot License, the applicants should fly a check-ride with a Flight Examiner appointed by the Hungarian Civil Aviation Authority. Once the check-ride is successfully passed the applicant is ready to receive the pilot’s license.

Theoretical Knowledge Examination

The prescribed subjects might be completed through self-study. Students should undergo an examination process at the Hungarian Civil Aviation Authority to receive a theoretical certificate required for the completion of the PPL(A) training course.



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