ATPL EASA Theoretical Knowledge Course

There are 14 subjects to pass at EASA level. Each stage is comprised of approximately 3 months of Distance Learning (average study time 15 hours per week), accompanied with web based training. Students needs to complete below hours on each subject and also needs to pass all subjects with minimum %75 at progress tests.
Air Law: 52 h Performances & Flight Planning: 102 h Aircraft General Knowledge: 151 h Operational Procedures: 58 h Principles of Flight: 50 h Human Factors: 57 h Navigation 103: h Communications: 14 h Meteorology: 63 h
The training programme consists of 650 hours to be developed within a maximum period of 18 months.

The training takes approximately 8 months, the duration highly depends on your ability to master the material and pass exams as the course consists of self-studies as well as classroom time. You will do 14 subject theory course under EASA standards and will need to pass 14 exams at CAA, respectively, in order to pass the course.



Human Performance & Limitations Air Law & ATC Procedures Operational Procedures VFR Communications IFR Communications Meteorology


Principles of Flight Performance Flight Planning General Navigation Mass & Balance


Aircraft General Knowledge Instrumentation Radio Navigation


Entry Requirements

Applicants must comply with the following:
To hold a Commercial Pilot License (CPL-A) or a Private Pilot License (PPL-A)
Be in possession of a High School diploma or alternatively to demonstrate you can fully understand the content of the course and the successful completion of an examination of knowledge in Mathematics, Physics and English.
To be at least 18 years old.


The applicants shall need to pass all exams on front of the CAA exam locations with minimum 75%.
Applicants has right to enter exams 6 times but can join maximum 4 times for a specific subject.